Kask Infinity Helmet

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Checking out some of the pro tours this season probably revealed to you the rising popularity of suspiciously smooth-looking aero helmets in the peloton. Just check out the heads of Team Sky, Drapac, and others next time, and you'll catch a glimpse of a great lid you can now call your own: the Kask Infinity Helmet.

So why go all aero-head? Some research shows that overall drag on the bike can be reduced by as much as an amazing 14% when opting for an aerodynamically optimized helmet, as opposed to a heavily scooped and ventilated one. Makes sense, given the surface area your helmet presents the air. With this knowledge, Kask designed the Infinity to spare every joule of energy you can crank out, while still enabling plenty of airflow to prevent an overheated dome — after all, helmets have been designed with vents for a reason, too. The solution? The Infinity's front vents can be quickly and easily opened or closed single-handedly via a switch on the top. Open up for the climbs, seal up for the descents, the sprints, the chases — it's your call.

The Infinity isn't just a one-trick pony, however. It's a real helmet, first and foremost, intended to protect. The polycarbonate outer layer of the helmet is bonded directly to the polystyrene core for better shock absorption upon initial impact. Should secondary impacts come into play, Kask's ingenious Frame technology is a web of Kevlar-like material that forms a lattice within the helmet's core to prevent it from fragmenting. Of course, no Kask would be a Kask without being exceptionally comfortable, too. The smooth, Eco-Leather straps, thick and antimicrobial CoolMax removable and washable padding, Kask's rubberized Micro Dial retention system, and its easily-adjusted strap Dividers mean dialing in a comfortable fit is always easy and fuss-free.

The Kask Infinity Helmet includes a helmet bag and comes in the colors Black/red, Lime, Red, White, and Black. The only sizes available are Medium and Large.

  • Aero-optimized shape
  • In molding technology (polystyrene core joined to outer polycarbonate layer)
  • Frame technology (Kevlar-like material prevents fragmenting)
  • Antimicrobial Coolmax padding is removable and washable
  • Micro Dial retention system
  • Adjustable front vents
  • Eco-Leather chin strap


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