Our 60, 75 and 90 minute sessions follow a 4 week rotating schedule. 

Week 1 - Core Endurance These classes focus on exercise intensities ranging between an brisk all day pace and a spirited group ride pace. Although the overall effort level will not be extremely high, the sustained level of effort will produce fatigue over the course of an hour or longer. Pedaling positions and cadence will change regularly to keep things lively and challenge different areas.

Week 2 - Strength Still primarily aerobically based, strength classes are designed to improve physical strength, climbing efficiency and ultimately raise your lactate threshold. Classes will take you to efforts above your lactate threshold with time at lower intensities to recover (higher efforts will require concentration to maintain rhythmical breathing and pedaling technique)

Week 3 - Speed No question, these classes are tough. Speed classes are designed to improve your top end performance. Efforts are generally short but quite intense.

Week 4 - Race Day Sessions (The Kitchen Sink) Although structured, they are designed to move through periods of short intense efforts, longer moderate intensities, climbs of varying difficulties and easier tempo type efforts as would be found during any spirited group ride or race.

The 4 week cycles begin on the following weeks:
Saturday, October 29
Saturday, November 26
Monday, January 2
Monday, January 30
Monday, February 27
Monday, March 27

Participants are encouraged to join the program at any time as the reason behind the cycle primarily to add variety to the class content and avoid training plateaus.


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